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The Vegan Naturopathy FAQs

Naturopathy offers a holistic approach to your health - which is why it aligns so beautifully with a vegan lifestyle. As a qualified Naturopath, I work with natural medicine - naturally derived supplements and vitamins, alongside lifestyle and diet advice. A naturopaths' role is to treat the cause of your issues, rather than just the symptoms.

The term 'plant-based' has been gaining popularity recently. It may evolve to mean a few different things, however I take it as plant-based is a description PURELY for what you include in your diet. This means you are only eating things which do come from plants (fruit, vegetables, funghi), so are not eating meat, fish, chicken, honey, dairy etc. The difference that I see with vegan, is that vegan can be classified as a lifestyle. Along with eating a plant-based diet, vegans will also choose not to wear leather, wool or silk - choosing to not include anything derived from animals into their lives. I would love to hear your opinion too! 

I am so excited for you! The mistakes that many people make when moving to a vegan diet is to not research and understand how you will need to intake nutrients from plant based ingredients, that you had once found in animal products. It is not enough to simply stop eating meat, fish, eggs etc. All humans need a certain amount of each nutrient in order to be healthy, and as vegans, we need to understand how to get enough of these in our diet (and yes, it can be a little more work than eating an omnivore diet...but I promise it is worth it!). 

If you would like to work with me before, or as you are transitioning to a vegan diet, I would suggest starting with an Online Vegan Naturopathy Consult. You can find out about there h ere.

If you are also eating plant-based, but are not feeling as healthy as you should, a great place to start is my Vegan Diet Assessment.  

All the best - I'd love to work with you! x Tara 

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In this new 'covid-normal' world, many people are now using Zoom as a part of their everyday work or social life!
Detailed instructions for how to use Zoom for my online naturopathy consults can be found here . You will also receive instructions via email when you book in. 

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