Omega-3 Supplement - Vegan

Omega-3 Supplement - Vegan

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Hallelujah! As a vegan naturopath, I'm thrilled that we now have a plant based option for Omega-3 supplements.

Green OMEGA 3 is ideal for vegans and vegetarians who want an Omega 3 supplement with all of the benefits of fish oil, but without the fish and the related sustainability issue of using a fish source. Plus, these capsules are 100% vegan and plant based.

Green Nutritionals Pure Plant-Source Green Omega-3 is a rich source of natural DHA and EPA, derived from pure marine microalgae (algae). Each capsule contains 255mg DHA and 127mg EPA. 

The benefits of a diet rich in Omega 3 (DHA and EPA) are well known to include heart, brain and eye health. 

If you're not sure you are getting enough Omega-3, you may consider using this Omega-3 Home Testing Kit, prior to purchasing supplements. 

You can read more about Omega 3's in a vegan diet - including signs you may be low, and information about the home testing kit - here.  

These supplements are available in two sizes: 
30 Capsules (1 months' use)
90 Capsules (3 months' use)