Tara Brooks, Melbourne Vegan Naturopath, holding a bouquet of lavender.

Online Vegan Naturopathy - The Follow Up Consult

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It's time to check in!

The Follow Up Consultation is for those that have already had their Initial Naturopathy Consult with me. At this stage, you have been following the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and taking the prescribed supplements, as set out in your initial consult. 

I recommend booking in your follow up consult two weeks after you have started living by your new health plan. This will give time for your body to start embracing the changes and new nutrients. This is also the opportunity to make simple and effective adjustments in case we need to re-direct your road to great health. 

A general follow up consultation is 30 minutes, however if you feel you need a longer time in order to discuss further issues please choose 45 minutes. Once you have purchased the consult, you will be sent a link to my bookings calendar to secure your online meeting time.

On-going consults can also be booked here. This is a great opportunity to simply check in, re-adjust your plan, or discuss some new or longer term health goals. 

I look forward to hearing about your progress! - Tara