Did you know that dancing is one of the best methods to strengthen your core? Yep. Yes. Your torso houses some of the most vital structural systems in your body. Learn more about core strength and fun core strengthening exercises.

What is the Core?

Does having a solid core mean you have six-pack abs, or is it? It’s not. Breaking Muscle says that the body is a complex series of muscles. It includes the rectus abdominals (the six-pack) and the external obliques, which are the slabs of Muscle on either side of your abs. You also have deeper muscles like the pelvic floor and diaphragm.

The human core plays a vital role in our bodies. It controls and stabilizes the spine and pelvis. It can create movement and transfer force between the legs, arms, and legs. Your core is essential for almost every activity, including running, lifting groceries and bags, and shaking what your mama gave you.

It pays to strengthen your core.

Your core is the foundation for your entire body. Your core is essential for every significant movement. Breaking Muscle says that core strength is not about power but more about maintaining the body in optimal postures to promote activity and unload the joints.

A weak core can cause poor posture. Strengthening your body with core stability exercises is essential to prevent injury. A strong core can transfer more force when performing dynamic movements. This will allow you to achieve more challenging physical activities, such as flawless chaturanga Dandasana in yoga, or maintain your posture throughout a dance class.

Can you dance your way to a stronger core?

Jazzercise classes rarely include a round or planking for more than a minute. So how can dancing classes be a core workout? Stability is the key. Your core is essential for stabilizing your body when you dance. This means that you use your core muscles while dancing, as well as your deep core muscles.

As a child, dance classes were filled with instructors telling us to “tuck in” our stomachs. This is just one way to help young dancers activate their core while learning to dance. During long dance sessions, you may feel your core heating up as an adult.

Julianne Hough, Dancing with the Stars, admits she doesn’t do ab workouts to flatten her stomach. In an interview, she said she doesn’t do ab exercises to flatten her stomach. Jacque Crockford is an American Council on Exercise exercise physiologist who states, “The core controls the center of the body so the appendages can move the way the dancer wants.” A strong core can cause the integration to be disrupted and make the dance less fluid.

You now know how to build core stability in dance. Are you ready for some of our favorite core stability exercises?

How to improve core stability in dance

Jazzercise is a great way to strengthen your core muscles. Before you start your dance class, or other activity-based exercises, pay attention to your core. As you move, be aware of your posture. These dance moves can also be used to strengthen your body.

Pelvis Tucks

This easy and enjoyable movement will help you activate your core muscles. Start by placing your hands on the hips. Next, press your hips forward while tucking upward. During this movement, imagine pushing your belly button into the spine.


While the music is playing, raise your right knee and bring it to the side. Keep your right hand down, and your elbow bent at 90 degrees. As you squeeze your abs, imagine your elbow touching your knee. Active Use your obliques and pull your elbows and knees together. Switch sides and do it the same way with your left leg and arm.

Forward Claps

Forward clapping is excellent for warming up. You’ll notice your belly muscles heat up when you do it correctly. Extend your arms straight out to make a T and then clap your hands. While you clap your hands, pull your stomach in towards your spine. You can also step side-to-side while you do your forward claps.

Hip Box

This core stability exercise will get you. To make a box-shaped shape, place your hands on your hips. You might feel like you are hula-hooping. It is essential to use your core muscles to move your hips and not your glutes. This movement is great and can be used for many different kinds of dancing.

Combine Strength Training and Dance Fitness

Dancing can be a great way to strengthen your core, especially if you want to increase your stability. You can strengthen your core with exercises like Supermen, Russian twists, and planks. Jazzercise offers both classes which combine dance and strength training. You’ll have a great workout in a friendly environment. Take a class today!