Four herbs to help with Anxiety, naturally

Anxiety not only affects the brain with repetitive thoughts and excessive thinking, but it affects the whole body. Before you decide that the only option is medication, please consider that there may be other more natural options for you. 

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For those that do not suffer with anxiety, it can be hard to understand how overwhelming an anxiety attack, or constant or regular anxious feelings can be. However, anxiety is not only a mental issue, it also can produce quite severe physical symptoms. The sympathetic nervous system, or what is more commonly know as the ‘flight or fight’ state, increases the heart rate, reduces digestion and increases adrenalin, as well as numerous other physiological changes. 

Originally we would only go in to this flight or fight state when we were running away from danger in the wild, literally running for our lives. These days though, it is a regular occurrence. You can imagine that if these physiological changes are constant, it is not great for the body. 

As a vegan naturopath, I work with my clients to find ways to reduce the time that they are experiencing this flight or fight state. Nature has given us many ways to deal with anxiety naturally.

This gorgeous gift from nature is passionflower.

It is one of the main herbs that I recommend for my clients when dealing with anxiety.


Here are some of the most effective herbs for reducing anxiety:


  1. Passionflower:

Passionflower helps to relax the nervous system and is known as an axiolytic. It helps to reduce muscle spasms that are often a symptom of anxiety, and can also assist with overstimulation of the mind. 

  1. Kava:

Kava has been used in the Pacific Islands for centuries. It is a great herb for reducing anxiety. Kava reduces over activity of the nervous system and decreases nervous tension throughout the body. Kava can also help reduce insomnia by calming the overthinking brain and relaxing the body. 

  1. Lavender:

Lavender is a beautiful herb that is easily accessible and is great to have by your bed at night. A therapeutic dose of lavender will help to reduce anxiety and can also induce you mood. Lavender is not only relaxing to the nervous system but also helps to calm the digestive system.

  1. Zizyphus:

Zizyphus is a great herb for anxiety where there is excessive sweating as well as heart palpitations and irritability. This herb is used a lot for anxiety associated with menopause and is also great to generally help relax the body.

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When I work with my clients, I am able to offer them an online prescription to natural medicine that will aid to address their anxiety issues. The above herbs can be prescribed as herbal liquid tinctures or in a supplement. As with all supplements, it is best to work with your natural health practitioner and receive a practitioner-only prescription. This will ensure you are getting the quality and dosage that is best for your health. 

Anxiety is a common issue, but there are ways to work with your body to calm your nervous system and get you back on track. These are just a few of the things I recommend to my clients, I hope this information is helpful for you too. Tara xx