8 Top Tips to Support Digestion

Digestive issues appear to be at an all time high. 90% of my clients come to me because they have had chronic bloating, pain in their stomach, excessive burping, reflux, indigestion or issues going to the bathroom.  

There are lots of amazing herbal remedies that can help to treat the cause of these symptoms, but you can help yourself too. 

If you are having digestion issues, start simple with the below tips.



  1. Add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water 10 minutes before food. This helps to stimulate you digestive juices, motivating them to get to work.
  2. Eat something bitter before meals or at the start of your meal. Bitter foods such as rocket, radicchio lettuce, endive and kale also help to stimulate your digestive enzymes. Simply munch on a handful of rocket before each meal, or make a lovely green lettuce-leaf salad to have before your main meal.
  3. Take 4 deep breathes before eating meals and snacks. Deep breaths brings you out of your flight and fight (sympathetic nervous system) state and in to your rest and digest state (parasympathetic nervous system). This allows your digestive juices to flow. 
  4. Smell your food: this helps stimulate processes in the liver to begin digestion. This day and age people tend to buy food and eat on the run, not preparing the body for digestion. Even if you buy your lunch out, take 15 seconds to smell it before you bite in. 
  5. Chew your food at least 20 times: we were told this in primary school and with good reason. Chewing your food not only breaks it down to make it easier for your stomach to digest but it also allows time for your digestive enzymes to be secreted from your liver, gall bladder pancreas and small intestine. 
  6. Put your utensils/food down in between bites: this gives enough time for your brain and stomach to communicate and ultimately stops you overeating.
  7. Sit at the table with no electronic disturbances: when our attention is focused on a tv or work we tend to over eat, putting excess pressure on the digestive tract which can cause issues such as bloating, heartburn, indigestion and reflux.
  8. Avoid drinking too much water with a meal, as this can dilute your digestive enzymes.


That’s quite a list I hear you say! As with all healthy habits, just try to introduce a couple at a time and repeat with each meal or each day.